Combo connecter from mysql with the id of 0

I am trying to populate a combo box in a form using phpconnector to a mysql table. This is the connector php file:

require_once("config.php"); require_once("combo_connector.php"); $options = new ComboConnector($inventory); $options->render_table("freezers","id","freezer");
This is the xml output of the php file:


[/code] The option value with the id of 0 changed automatically to 1388626473_0. Is it a feature of dhtmlx that an [b]id[/b] should begin with 1 instead of 0?

The client side will not work correctly with ID == 0 ( as in some cases it can be processed the same as record without id )

Connector process such situation the same as for record without id and generates some unique temporary value.

Thanks Stanislav. Since the generated id is a huge number and I have less than a hundred elements in the table, I created a small function to re-create id 0

[code]function set_id($row)
$id = $row->get_value(“id”);
if ($id > 100000)
$row->set_value(“id”, “0”);

$options = new comboConnector($inventory);
$options->event->attach(“beforeRender”, “set_id”);
$options->render_table(“freezers”, “id”, “freezer, id”);[/code]