Combo default select issue

I have a combo type for a column in my grid.
and i am loading grid using gridconnector.

i have few options in combo box for a column ‘x’.
when i have double click in a cell of that column, combo box opend but my option was not selected in that combo.

What is the problem with this?

Plz help!


In your option you have additional spaces before the value.
Please, try to add the similar number of spaces in the cell’s value.

what you said is right.
In the same grid if i change the cell value to SPRING_SUB(Which is above the SPRING_ENV AND which doesnt have any spaces before it) it is working fine for that time.

Then if i loaded some other data into that grid the same thing not happens!

Actually how it works?
Is it checks the value of that option or just text in the cell and text in the combo?

In my combo texts will be as shown in attachment and values will be different like “some:id:someother” .


And i am using gridconnector to load my grid.
For the combo type column, in connector i am setting options using set_options(colname,hashmap).

When i see the xml returned by the connector there are no options i mean no data related to combo :unamused: it is just giving rows data thats it!

Actually how connector set_options works?

in case of using select boxes the value of the cell should be strictly equal to the value of the select option.

But i am using combo right.
i have mentioned columntype as cotxt, first time it is selected when i opend the combo.
but when i loaded different data into grid and then checking it wont selected in combo

Please, provide us with a sample of your code to reconstruct the issue.