Combo doesn't load initial value

on dhxscheduler_mobile_rec_debug.js

: : : if(!config.form){ config.form = [ {view:"text", label:labels.label_event, name:'text'}, {view:"datetext", label:labels.label_start, id:'start_date', name:'start_date', dateFormat:config.form_date}, {view:"datetext", label:labels.label_end, id:'end_date', name:'end_date', dateFormat:config.form_date}, {view:"toggle", id:'allDay', label:"", options: [{value:"0",label:labels.label_time},{value:"1",label:labels.label_allday}], align: "right",value:"0"}, {view:"rectext", label:labels.recurring.repeat, id:'rec_type', readonly:true}, { view:"combo", id:'field_e', label: 'Type', value: "1", yCount:"3", options:[ { value:"1", label:"One" }, { value:"2", label:"Two" }, { value:"3", label:"Three" } ]}, {view:"textarea", label:labels.label_details, id:'details', height:110}, {view:"input", type:"hidden", id:'event_length'} ]; } : : :

Click on new event and the combo field_e is empty when it must to have “two” pre-selected.


Try to change “combo” with “richselect”
Combo works in suggestion mode, while richselect always shows all options.