Combo drop down

I have a toolbar with the following components. it contains the dhtmlx combo box. Whenever i used ctrl+shift+j to open my chrome debugger or whenever i pay any key, the combo box drops down. pfa.

I am using the following code:
toolbar.addText(“combo”, 8, “Line Width”);
var comboDIV = toolbar.objPull[toolbar.idPrefix + “combo”].obj; = ‘1px’;
toolbar.objPull[toolbar.idPrefix + “combo”].obj.innerHTML = “”; = “dhx_black”;
// var combo = new dhtmlXCombo(“toolbarObj”, “combo”, 50, 5);
var combo = new dhtmlXCombo(comboDIV, “alfa”, 50);
combo.addOption([[“a”, “1”], [“b”, “2”], [“c”, “3”], [“d”, “4”], [“e”, “5”]]);
combo.selectOption(0, false);

Can’t reproduce locally
Could you provide us completed demo to reproduce it? … leted_demo

Its happenning consistently in chrome in the following cases:
1.CTRL+Shift+J(chrome debugger window)
2. F12

Mostly it is happenning when we something entered in the window. a key press event mostly.

I see close all option. I have to capture key press event and then put this option, which doesn’t look good.

is there anything jsfiddler or any other bin framework where i could reproduce this?

We managed to repeat a problem. It isn’t connected with with dhtmlxCombo any way. It is browser reaction. It distinguishes pressing of these keys as an ‘onclick’ event and opens a combo box.

This worked for me. Thanks for the post. But I am wondering if there is an easier way to get a drop-down (select) into a toolbar now (since this is an old post)?

We tested it on different environment and it works correctly in all cases.
If you still can reproduce it, please, provide us a demo and your browser/OS/dhtmlx version