Combo dropdown show on one click


I have combo column inside grid. Some of the combo data need to be loaded according to the other column data changes. So I load the combo data inside onEditCell event. My grid is configured to be able to edit on one click.

But this combo dropdown didn’t open when I click one time. I need to click two time to open the dropdown. Any help on this issue?

the problem is that you are opening the editor before the new data is loaded to the combo.
You may try to use the following:

[code]if ((index == 27) && (stage == 0)) // start edit skill column
if (mygrid.getColType(index) == “combo”) {
combo = mygrid.cells(id, index).getCellCombo();

combo.load(“RTHandler.ashx/?type=skill&loc=” + mygrid.cells(id, index - 2).getValue(),function(){
return true //use a callback of a loading to make sure that the data is loaded

Hi sematik,

I tried that. But it is still not working. My code will look like below. Anything wrong with it?