combo events

I need to:

  • set the value of a combo to the first item
  • get the value of a combo when user select one of the options

call you tell me which events can I attach to a combo and which methods should I call to do the above?

I tried attaching events:

-onXLE: it works fine
-onChange: it doesn’t work
-onSelectionChange: it doesn’t work

onchange event will work.

if combo config { view:“combo”, id:‘mycombo’,…}, you may use the following methods:

  • to set event and get value

$$(“mycombo”).attachEvent(“onchange”, function (){
var value = $$(“mycombo”).getValue();

  • to select the first option

var list = $$(“mycombo_list”);
var id = list.first();

Thanks it worked (the event name had to be lowercase)