Combo field doesn't work in server side configured grid

Hi, please have a look what’s wrong here?

I’ve done a server side configured grid with 3 combo fields, but they are not working! Neither from database nor from array. Here is a link to this grid:

$dhtmlRes = mysql_connect($configSettings['db']['host'], $configSettings['db']['user'], $configSettings['db']['pass']);
	mysql_query("SET NAMES utf8");


	$grid = new GridConnector($dhtmlRes);
	$config = new GridConfiguration();


	$options = new OptionsConnector($dhtmlRes);
	$options->render_sql("SELECT id as value, script as label FROM entities", "id", "id(value),script(label)");
	$grid->set_options("categorized", $options);	//1
	$grid->set_options("enabled", $options);	//2
	$grid->set_options("multi", array("1" => "one", "2"=>"two","3" => "three"));	//3

	$grid->render_table("entities", "id", "id,script,print,paging,multi,categorized,enabled");

Please advise how to fix the combo fields.
Thank you.

I have tried the code sinilar to the above one and it works correctly locally.

Can you try to load the data feed directly in browser and check the generated xml.
It must contain coll_options tags with options values

If it doesn’t show any xml at all - try to enable logging and check content of the log file. … tor:errors

Hi, there is no unusual in the detailed log:

Log started, 28/10/2013 12:33:23

SELECT  id as value, script as label FROM entities

SELECT  id as value, script as label FROM entities

SELECT `id`,`id`,`script`,`print`,`paging`,`multi`,`categorized`,`enabled` FROM entities

Done in 0.00396585464478s

what do you mean by load the data feed directly in browser ? In Firebug I can see the xml returned from server and there are no any coll_options tags with options values. I have no idea why it goes so. It seems that server doesn’t prepare the combo list at all. I did the same actions before successfully but I didn’t use server side configuration.

Change order of includes, move connector.js after dhtmlxgrid.js

Thank you Stanislav, it’s halped. Have a nice day!