Combo filter functionality

Is there a way to customize the displayed value inside a combo filter with multiselection enabled.
To be more specific, lets imagine that the combo is populated with the following data:

id: id1, value: value1
id: id2, value: value2
id: id3, value: value3

if i selected id2 AND id3 i want to display the following inside the combo:

ComboLabel: value2 (+1 more)

Also in case the combo is used as a filter inside a grid column the input field would be great to be as a part of the dropdown menu instead of next to the selected items. Currently it is almost unusable because grid columns dont have enought space to render the data and as to the horizontal scrollbar that appears it is extremely user unfriendly.

Here is an image of the desired effect:


and the current dhx implementation

Unfortunately such customization is not supported.

If you want this filtering to be used outside of demo page and samples u’d better consider sending ur dev team this request.

I’ve sent your request to the dev team and it will be observed. I’ll inform you about any progress on this issue.
Thank you for your report.