Combo filter in header displays the KEY instead of the VALUE

I have a grid with combo filters in the columns. Each combo filter represents (key,value) pair with available options to choose from.

In the grid cell when u select from the combo it display the chips with the VALUE but in the header the chips are displayed with the IDs instead. This happens when you select some element from the combo dropdown list!

This happens when u try to interact with the filter combo BEFORE u have clicked on some of the cells in the column. If u once click on a cell and display the dropdown menu then the header filter behaves as expected.


Is somebody reading this forum? I have submited this BUG almost TWO WEEKS AGO!!!

Since v. 7.2.5 u are trying to make it work. Put the vodka away and finally fix this (key, value) dropdown.

Thank you for your report. The problem is confirmed. We’ll try to fix it in one of the future updates.
I’ll inform you here about any progress on this issue.

Hello Nikolai.

We have fixed your reported problem in the latest dhx.Suite update (v7.3.11).
You can check it in your original snippet.
Please, try to download the latest available build to get that fix.
Thank you for your report.


When there is more than one value in some of the grid cells it doesn’t work!!!

You guys are a COMPLETE JOKE!!!
I wouldn’t act this disrespectful if this joke product was named some random name BUT u named it dhtmlx SEVEN !!! and this tricks people into thinking that its NEXT LEVEL after version 5.

Seriously! SERIOUSLY!!! FIX THIS RIDICIOUS DROP DOWN key - value thing.


Still waiting to fix ur buggy grid!!!

Placing several options to the grid cell value don’t forget to add the space between the options:
Like in the example here:


You can check the link above and see that when the grid dataset is parsed outside of the grid’s constructor config object it doesn’t work!!!;

Only after u edit some of the cells value then the header dropdown displays the actual labels instead of the values.


It COMPLETELY doesn’t work when u change the column editable property to false. It displays the IDs in the cells instead of the labels u have assigned for these IDs so take the vodka away from ur dev team and SERIOUSLY!!! FIX!!! THIS ISSUE!!!

In case your team doesn’t have the capacity to develop such product pls put with big letters on the front page that this is Alfa version and have nothing in common with dhtmlx 5. Also having the number 7 tricks people believing that its improved version of previous releases and this is really not cool!