#combo_filter order options

Hi, I have attached a header to a grid to sort various columns i.e.

myGrid.attachHeader(" ,#combo_filter,#combo_filter,#combo_filter,#combo_filter, , , ,#combo_filter, ");

I want to be able to sort the values in the last #combo_filter in a certain manner, the grid is loaded using clearAndLoad using a gridconnector, and the results are loaded into the grid by date order (which I don’t want to change). If there any way I can specify the order of drop down options in the other combo filters?



there is no opportunity to specify the order of options in combo filter. But you can reload this filter with necessary options from a certain xml:


var combo = mygrid.getFilterElement(8); /8 is index of the column with last combo_filter/


here some_url is path to the xml with options for combo_filter. combo filter is dhtmlxCombo object. So, please dhtmlxCombo documentation for more details.

Hi Alex,

thanks for that, I tried this but not sure what the ‘url’ on the first line is for, i.e. my code - see url in bold in the header…I get url is not defined


       var combo = crewPrevGrid.getFilterElement(8); /8 is index of the column with last combo_filter/

You should replace “url” with existing path to the file which will return valid xml with combo options


url means the grid xml - it was just an example. If you use other method to load grid data, you can use it.

Thanks Alex,


I fixed it now!