I have added two #combo_filter in my column heading using attachHeader method.

When I refresh the grid, these filters show distinct values in dropdown list.

My question is:

When I select a value from one of the filter, the grid is filtered with that value.

The second filter still contains the same old values which is not relevant to the refreshed grid.

Is it the functionality or do I need to add some code so that the next combo_filter is aso refreshed automatically.

List of values in filter is not refreshed automatically, you can force such behavior by adding next code.


 This is the code segment I have now. I added attachEvent to the grid which has three combo_filter headers. When I select a value from one filter, the grid is refreshed, the second filter contains still the old values which is not relevant any more. What is it I am doing wrong?


function doFilterAgain()

Please try to use attached js file instead of original one.

dhtmlxgrid_filter.zip (3.9 KB)

Works very good with the new attachment