Hi, i have set a combo filter on a header that is a combo column.

however the combo is set up with a numeric value and a text header, e.g:

1, Number 1

2, Number 2


so in the combo_filter i would like it to show the text values e.g. Number 1, Number 2, etc… but instead it is showing 1,2 etc…

how can i change this please?

i also have a text filter on a combo field that has a lot of values, and instead of searching the index (same as explained above) i would like it to search the name. how can i do this please?


with dhtmlxGrid 2.0 you can use #select_filter_strict against co|coro collumn type - it will work correctly ( show labels in list, correctly filter by label selection)
There is no way to achieve the same result with text-filters, technically you can intercept send data ( through onFilterStart event ) and call grid.filterBy with any custom filtering method, but I not see any simple solution to achieve necessary kind of filtering.

ok thanks