combo key as middle character..

In the combo filtering now its working like

the search keyword is “An” means filtering like below
Antigua and Barbuda

I need solution like

if i search “Barb” want to filtering
Antigua and Barbuda

Want to set the search key using middle character also…
How to create like this plz help me,
Im in under pressure…


please have a look at the solution here: … 79&start=0


its not supporting me,

previous code replace with
var filter=new RegExp(text,“i”); } catch (e){ var filter=new RegExp(text.replace(/([[]{}()+*\])/g,"\$1"));

still the same problem…

Do you use dynamic loading ? If you do, the options are also filtering on server - check that server-side script consider mask correctly.


   its working. thank you so much.. 
   But having one problem. if i populate double byte character(Japanese Kanji) means its not filtering.. plz solve this problem...

  Thanks in advance.