Combo: Get second input

Combo has such html:



If I used getInput(), it returns me

<input type="text" class="dhxcombo_input" style="width:206px;" autocomplete="off">

How can I get second input

<input type="hidden" value="" name="combo"><input type="hidden" value="false" name="combo_new_value">

using dhtmlxCombo API?

What is the reason of getting this input?

Second field has value attribute.
I use Angular to watch for changing of this atribute.

I have these lines in directive:

restrict: 'E', replace: true, transclude: true, scope: false, template: '<div></div>',

I need watch for ‘value’ changing in 2nd input.
I can’t use attrs.$observe(‘value’…) or scope.$watch(‘value’…) because it is associated with div

template: '<div [b]value[/b]="{{value}}"></div>',

But there is native event “onSelectionChange” - it fires when the preselected value inside the combo changes … event.html

This function works funnily for me)
Events occurs if I changed text which combo have in yourself options…
I can’t explain it))

dhtmlXCombo.prototype.getInput = function() { // returns input, new in 4.0 return this.base.firstChild; };

You can try the next:

var input = myCombo.getInput(); var secondInput = input.nextSibling;