Combo: How to set the tabindex?

Hello over There!

I have got a little question, using the Combobox within a form:

How can i attach atabindex to the combo field?

At the Moment when i tab through the fields it is left out :frowning:

Wish you all the best and thanks fo ran answer,



combo doesn’t provide a public method to set tabindex. But you can try to use the following approach:

combo.DOMelem_input.tabIndex = …;

Where combo is combo object

I am using it like

So where should i took this stuff?

var y=new dhtmlXCombo(“combo_zone_angebotstext”,“angebotstext”,310);

y.DOMelem_input.tabIndex = tab_index_here;

This works!

Thank you guy.
It is an important feature, isn’t it?
Perhaps you should involve it to the API.

Thank you for the idea. We’ll think it over.