Combo - how to "setNoHeader()" for setEnableFilteringMode()

I have multi-column, and single column filters on a form with combos. However, I was asked to hide the headers to make it look more like a desktop lookup combo… where do I inject no header? I have tried during the design, I have tried in the xml. No luck, and not easily found on the docs.

Thanks for the assistance!


please try the following:

.dhxcombolist_dhx_skyblue.dhxcombolist_hdr { height: 0px !important; border-width: 0px !important; }

I will add ability to change this on init stage.

Do you have an example in JS instead of CSS to turn it off? I have two of this on the same form, one I do not want to hide the header on as it contains fields for corporate vs store. :cry:

well, then please specify exact dhtmlx version you’re using

Oh, right now I am using the latest FREE down from 2 weeks ago. I am prototyping so I can get approval for Pro of everything. So I will need a working example I guess for both so when we order this month - I don’t break the prototype (g).


please try attached

to hide header you need:

myCombo.setTemplate({ header: false // other conf });

or if from xml:

<complete> <template> <header>false</header> </template> </complete> (1010 KB)