Combo in a grid


i created in a grid a field type co. I insert tha values from a PHP page:
print (’<cell xmlcontent=“1”);
print(’’ prova’);
print (’’);

the problem is that when i select a field with the following function i’m able to take the value and the text:
mygrid.cells(id,0).getTitle(), mygrid.cells(id,0).getValue()
I’m not able to do this ìif i don’t select the field. In other words i need to select a field automaticaly when i load the combo and i need the value and the title.
I can do:
print (’<cell xmlcontent=“1”) .“prova1”;
print(’’ prova’);
print (’’);

but i don’t have the value 2 in this case.
Can you help me, thanks,

If you need to select some option of the combo automaticaly you just to need to add it’s value in the cell.
For example to select the first option: