combo in DhtmlxGrid - windows type behaviour #2


I have the same question that the one in this thread: … 09&a=13573

1. I tried using the answer given for single click - grid.enableEditEvents(1,1,1); - and it works great when I have a single combo. But when I have several of them, here is what happens: When I have one combo open and click on another combo, first one closes then second one opens for a split second and closes too! Can this be worked around somehow? Is it fixed in v2.5?

2. The answer for showing image when editor is closed stated “We have sent you the possible modification of combo excell by email. It allows to show drop down image for each “combo” cell.”. Can you send it to me too, please?

customer number 288174315

Thank you!


the 1st issue wasn’t reproduced in the 2.1 and 2.5 versions.

>> Can you send it to me too, please?

The sample will be sent by email.

I use dhtmlxSuite 2009 Rel.1 (DHTMLX 2.1) Professional edition build 90226/90316

I attached file with a sample that shows the issue.

To reproduce:

1. Single Click in Primary Baud cell. Observe that the combo opens

2. While the combo is open, single click the next cell to the right. Observe that second combo opens for a moment and immediately closes by itself

Please, let me know when the fix is available. This is becoming quite a show stopper for us.

Also, “The sample will be sent by email.” - I didn’t get it. Could you try again, please?

Kathy (1.97 KB)

additional note: the issue seems to be with timing. If you click and wait for a second or 2, then click the next one - it works. If you click one and click another quickly - it breaks


the issue is confirmed. If the solution is found, we’ll send you it.

It is a serious problem for us. I do hope you find solution soon