Combo in enableFilteringMode do not fire OnChange


I have found a bug on combo when enablefilteringmode and server side connector.
Combo do not fire dhtmlx onchange event . but DOM on change is normally fired
The problem occur when you mark whole text inside combo then you type on keybord backspace key to remove whole text.

Dhtmlx version 4.4

Code Example:

var combotop = frm_progettisti.getCombo(“KEYTOPONIMO”);

var Inputdata= combotop.getInput(“KEYTOPONIMO”);
Inputdata.onchange = function(){
alert (Inputdata.value); // onchange FIRED

combotop.attachEvent(“onChange”, function()
alert (“pass”); // onchange NOT FIRED


Can you verify ??
Thanks a lot


Inputdata.onchange event triggered by browser, combo does not trigger it.

combotop.attachEvent(“onChange”, f(){}) triggered when combo value was really changed inside combo. this happens when you select existing option from a list or when you leave combo if free text allowed (i.e. free_text + combo blur).