Combo in form inputwidth has no effect


Strange effect with combo in form. The inputwidth can’t be set

JSON look like this:

 {type:"combo", label:"Language", name:"language", inputWidth:280, comboType:"image", comboImagePath:"/images/design/", options: [

{text:“last used language”, value:“auto”, img:“auto.png”},
{text:“English - en”, value:“en”, img:“english.png”},
{text:“Deutsch - de”, value:“de”, img:“german.png”},
{text:“Español - es”, value:“es”, img:“spain.png”}
{type:“select”, label:“as Select”, name:“l1”, inputWidth:280, options: [
{text:“last used language”, value:“auto”},
{text:“English - en”, value:“en”},
{text:“Deutsch - de”, value:“de”},
{text:“Español - es”, value:“es”}

but look like this: see attachmentpict

Regardless what I´m doing - can#t resize the combo.


Unfortunately the problem cannot be reconstructed locally.
Please, refer to the following snippet:
Please, try to updated your dhtmlx components.