combo in grid

I am using a combo in grid.
When database is loaded. The column with combo is not showing the data from database but the text in combo options. How do I only show the original data?

for example:
It should show 2 in that cell but it is showing “C”.
What should I do to let it show 2 in that cell?

It’s the same with Calendar.
How do I let my data ‘099/12/1’ show in grid cell?
Calendar can’t reconize it and that cell is null.

Combo automatically converts values to label.
If you need not labels - just use the same text for label and value , like

Calendar can’t reconize it and that cell is null.
for dhxCalendar , dhxCalendaA cells - you can use grid.setDateFormat command ( supported only in pro version )

grid.setDateFormat(render_format, xml_format)

I am using trial for 30 days.
Can I get an example for
grid.setDateFormat(render_format, xml_format)?

You should have example at your dhtmlxGrid package dhtmlxGrid/samples/01_cell_types/07_pro_excells_numberformat.html

I have been searching so long in forum then I forget I got examples in the folder.
Thanks again.