Combo in Grid

We are using dhtmlx pro edition in our product.
When i attached a grid to a layout’s bottom cell i am unable to see the combo which i have in that grid as a column combo.

Open my index page in my attached demo and try to open the combo of each column u can understand the problem.

With the top rows it is fine but with the bottom rows especially last row, if u try to double click the cell u can not see the combo.

The combo not adjusting the grid size.

Can you please provide the solution ASAP.

Naresh Adla
Complete (514 KB)

In case of using “combo” exCell you may try to use the following code:

myGridTwo.load('xml/combo.xml',function(){ var combo=myGridTwo.getColumnCombo(0); // 0 - index of the column combo.enableOptionAutoPositioning(true); var combo1=myGridTwo.getColumnCombo(1); // 1 - index of the column combo1.enableOptionAutoPositioning(true); var combo2=myGridTwo.getColumnCombo(2); // 2 - index of the column combo2.enableOptionAutoPositioning(true); });

If i use the method it is saying

TypeError: myGridTwo.getColumnCombo is not a function

In your provided demo you are using “co” exCell but not a “combo”.
Here is the tutorial: … cell_combo
and a working example with the usage of the combo exCell: … combo.html

If i use cell type combo

It is saying like
Error type: Configuration
Description: Incorrect cell type: combo

Please, make sure that all required js files are included to the page.
Here is the working example: … combo.html