Combo in Propertygrid

Im working with the propertygrid and i want to put a combo in a cell. I was reading and i found that the component supports a “list” type. The problem is that the list not has a key for each list value and the combo has this property, but i can´t find the way to loadit.

Here is the xml that im trying to load.

NameTest value Description Border BorderSize BorderStyle one two three



It can be done with “combo” eXCell type. Please find more information here … ll_combo&s[]=combo

Olga, thanks for the answer.
I can´t do it work.
Here is an example of what im trying to do.

	<title>Setting cells and column properties</title>
	<link rel="STYLESHEET" type="text/css" href="../utils/dhtmlxgrid.css">
	<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../utils/dhtmlxgrid_dhx_skyblue.css">
	<link rel="STYLESHEET" type="text/css" href="../utils/dhtmlxtreegrid_property.css">
	<script  src="../utils/dhtmlxcommon.js"></script>
	<script  src="../utils/dhtmlxgrid.js"></script>
	<script  src="../utils/dhtmlxgridcell.js"></script>
	<script  src="../utils/dhtmlxtreegrid.js"></script>
	<script  src="../utils/dhtmlxtreegrid_property.js"></script>


<body onload="init()">
	<div id="grid_here" style="height:400px; width:600px; position:relative;">
	<xml id="xmldataprop">
			<row><cell>Name</cell><cell type="ed">Test value</cell>
			<row><cell>Description</cell><cell type="ed"/>
			<row open="1">
				<cell xmlcontent="1" editable="0">
					<option value="1">one</option>
					<option value="2">two</option>
					<option value="3">three</option>
				<cell type="ed" validate="int"/>

	<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
	function init()
		mygrid = new dhtmlXPropertyGrid('grid_here');
		mygrid.loadXMLString(document.getElementById("xmldataprop").innerHTML, function()



You can find working example here … combo.html
Note, “combo” eXcell type is available in PRO version only