Combo in scheduler


I have scheduler PRO v5.3.13

In this page :

It’s not written if to use the combo, I have to buy the Suite, I hope not because the “Select” component is very limited.

If I don’t have to buy it, where can I Download it ?


A combo box presented by the DHTMLX Combo component is used as an example in our doc. You can apply another 3-d party tools to use combo control.
For example, you can use Select2 of jQuery: ;
You can implement your custom lightbox control by form_blocks method.
There is an article about it: ;
Then you can use this new type when you configure the lightbox:

{ name:“details”, height:35, map_to:“text”, type:“combo_multiselect”, focus:true}

Here is an example of how it can be implemented:

Thanks a lot for the example with Select2. I was trying to implement a 3rd party select and having a lot of problem (integrating pure JS in react/typescript, overflow-y,…). Do you have an example with DHTMLX Combo with multiple select ? Where can i get a free version of DHTMLX combo ?