combo inside a grid with connector having source php file

I need to use combo columns inside a grid using connector and dataprocessor.
I set connector configuration with set_config() method.
It’s working fine with ‘co’ and ‘coro’ column type using a query for getting data, excepts for large amount of data, 5000 records or more.
So I implemented combo using source=‘file.php’.
This type of column was not supported with set_config method. I implemented it (I attach php file. My modifications have a ‘//MDB’ comment at end of lines).

It’s working fine only if I use same text for item and label, but my database is indexed with numeric values so I’d like to have option like this:

<coll_options for=‘1’>


I can search options very well and can save them on database but I can not set initial label for first values taken from database.

How can I do it?
I tried using beforeRender and beforeOutput but I didn’t arrive to a good result.

I’m using grid version 2.6 PRO.

Thanks in advance,

Marcelo (2.1 KB)

If a value and a label are different in combo options, the cell values should be defined as follows:


In case of , it can be done as follows:


Here is the documentation about setting data: … re_loading

Thank you Alexandra, I solved it and it’s working fine.