Combo integration with grid

How can we integrate a combo with checkbox to a grid in such a way that it drops down the options with checkboxes on double clicking the cell in the grid?

The sample with “combo” excell is dhtmlxGrid/samples/13_interaction_other_components/01_pro_combo.html

In order to use combo with checkboxes you need to define “combo[checkbox]” type instead of “combo” and include dhtmlxcombo_extra.js

Thanks for the reply, But i wanted to get a dhtmlxCombo object which gets loaded from an xml (loading combo from xml is already done) and when a user double clicks on a cell, the dhtmlXCombo object with checkbox becomes visible and the user can check the items in the combo which gets displayed in the clicked cell seperated by a comma.

try to use clist excell (this excell is available only in PRO edition).

Here is the sample (the 3rd column is clist):

dhtmlxGrid/samples/01_cell_types/09_pro_excell_extra.html … extra.html