combo intergrated with dhtmlxGrid

Hi ,
I’m going to fill up combo boxes in any rows based on another combo box in the same row. So any combos can be different.
I’d rather use loadXMLString(XML)
How do I do?

Unfortunately the dhtmlxCombo 4.x version does not support loading the options from the xml string.
Here you can find all available ways:

I need to have a combo box column in dhtmlxGrid with different data in each row.
Can I use in following format?


I need to have a similar syntax.

Here you can find a tutorial about configuring the combo in the grid. … cell_combo
For the in-xml configuration:
<cell xmlcontent=“1” source=“data.xml” filter="true”>1
for the configuration from the script:
combo = grid.cells(rowId,cellIndex).getCellCombo();

It’s done
Thank yoooou :smiley:

It gos wrong :frowning:

I have a xml string like this:




food entertainment sport 6 aa ss dd ff gg hh jj 2

The second column is ok but the first one gos wrong. Grid show mt 6 in new line (in combo)

Please help me :confused:

Please, try to place the cell content in a single line:

<cell xmlcontent="1">6<option value="5">aa</option><option value="6">ss</option><option value="7">dd</option><option value="8">ff</option><option value="9">gg</option><option value="10">hh</option><option value="11">jj</option></cell>