combo itemclick event

Is there an itemclick event on a combo?
When a user clicks on an item in the combo i want to fill another combobox.
Is this possible?


all input elements trigger onChange event
also, you can access list related to combo as

$$(“combo_list”) //where “combo” - id of combo

and assign code to onItemClick of that list

Thank you, that worked.

But i now have another problem:

In this eventhandler i want to fill another combo with json data.
Is there a way to do this?



This code doesn’t work for me.

Because i’m using this combo in a mobile scheduler i have to use $$(“scheduler”).$$(“somecombo”) to access the combo.
When i use this, i can get access to the combo, but then i can’t use the functions clearAll and parse.
When i use $$(“scheduler”).$$(“somecombo_list”) the result is undefined.


Yep, there is a problem here. Scheduler hides inner ID to prevent name conflicts which causes problem in case of list.

As fast solution you can use

//real global id var id = $$("scheduler").$$("somecombo"); var list = $$(id+"_list")

Thank you.
This code works perfectly.

ps. There is a little typo in your code.
var id = $$(“scheduler”).$$(“somecombo”); => var id = $$(“scheduler”).$$(“somecombo”);