Combo List Position After Scrolling its Parent Container

I have a table, with several rows containing combo boxes, inside a DIV that scrolls the overflow. The combo box list position is incorrect after scrolling to combo that was hidden by overflow.

This happens in CHROME only on MAC and WINDOWS:
WINDOWS CHROME version 21.0.1180.83
MAC CHROME version 21.0.1180.82

I’ve added following HACK but still not working in chrome

		if (_isIE) combo[$idx]._IEFix(true);

To reproduce your issue we need completed demo. … leted_demo

Attached is the completed DEMO, this issue is in CHROME browser, on both Windows and Mac (659 KB)

It is fixed in version 3.5. Please, try it.

Confirmed, 3.5 is fixed.

You are welcome!