Combo loadXML to load

I’m updating a very complex script, to version 4.1.
Everything worked fine except that one point where I replaced the command loadXML with load.

z1 and z combo

old version z1.loadXML (‘accessodbccombo2.php? PA =’ + z.getComboText ());

new version z1.load (‘accessodbccombo2.php? PA =’ + z.getComboText ());

The combo is loaded fine, but I have different and unexpected behavior of the script.
What is the exact difference between the two commands?
To get the same behavior, I have to use the function doOnLoad?
void load (mixed data, function doOnLoad);

Thank You

These methods are equal and must work the same way. If you have some differences, please, attach completed demo to with a link to this topic - we will test it … pport.html

the problem is in a slight different behavior of
form_2.attachEvent (‘onChange’, function (id, value) …
I modified the test of id function (id, value) and I solved the problem

I thank you for your attention

You re welcome!