Combo mouse click doesn't set focus on field

If you select an option with the mouse in a dhtmlxCombo element, the focus does not stay on that field. Instead, it jumps to the top of the browser. If you select an element with the keyboard and hit enter, the focus remains on that field. Does anyone have a fix for this? This behavior is not consistent with a standard HTML combobox.

Please provide a sample where we could recreate the problem

The dhtmlxCombo demo page has the same problem -

If you select a country from the editable mode dropdown using the keyboard, the focus remains on that field. When you tab out of that field, it goes to the next field (the “read-only” dropdown). The problem is when selecting the value with the mouse. If you select a country, and then tab, you are sent back to the first field on the page.

We have answered this question in the “support”. Let us know if the issue isn’t solved