Combo multicolumn and server filter with auto sub-load

Is there an example to build a combo of this type ?


Please try attached approach (18.7 KB)


Thank you very much for your very fast reply
You forced me to think a little :slight_smile: because there was a small error on the name of the script php in your html file
The test of your example

gives rather multiline than one multicolumn but seen the strange display I have to have another error than I should be able to solve

Thank you again !

Link o PRO version was deleted. Please, do not attach pro files on forum
Check path to the css files

Thanks !
And sorry :blush: I thought of having deleted all which was bound to the professional version!

Can you tell me, possibly by MP, what I have to make to remove completely all which concerns this professional version?

I just deleted provided link. File dhtmlx.js contains pro code, so you need to remove шею The next way it replace with standard one.

Thank you
It’s done!
I had nevertheless verified that I had in all the " javascript " the name "Edition: Standard " and I had missed the main script !!! :blush: