Combo multicolumn display problems with blank values or null

I’m experiencing a problem with the display of “blank” values and “null” values when using the Combo multi-column mode. Below is example JSON data that will demonstrate the problem. I use the .load() method to load this into a combo object:

{ "template": { "input": "#LastName#, #FirstName# #MiddleInitial#", "columns": [ { "header": "First Name", "width": 120, "option": "#FirstName#" }, { "header": "Middle Initial", "width": 120, "option": "#MiddleInitial#" }, { "header": "Last Name", "width": 120, "option": "#LastName#" } ] }, "options": [ { "value": "1", "text": { "FirstName": "John", "MiddleInitial": "P", "LastName": "Doe" } }, { "value": "2", "text": { "FirstName": "Jim", "MiddleInitial": "", "LastName": "Smith" } }, { "value": "3", "text": { "FirstName": "Jane", "MiddleInitial": null, "LastName": "Doe" } } ] }

I’ve attached a screenshot below to show how it renders. For Jim Smith, the middle name field is a blank value - in the combo the entire cell is missing from that row, causing the Last Name cell to be out of place. For Jane Doe, the middle name field is null - in this case the middle name field displays “[object Object]”.

The only workaround I’ve found so far is to replace blank values or null values with a single space, however this create a whole new set of problems for me… Any suggestions how to deal with this problem? Shouldn’t the multi-column combo handle blank and null values more gracefully?

Thanks in advance,

The problem is confirmed. We’re working on a solution

That’s good news.

Thank you sematik!

The problem is fixed.
Please, try to use the latest released version of the dhtmx (5.1).

Thank you for the response! I downloaded the 5.1 version of the dhtmlxcombo package ( and tested again. Unfortunately I’m still seeing the same issue.

Just an update to this… I decided to download and try using the full 5.1 dhtmlx suite instead of the stand-alone combo package and found that the issue is at least partially fixed in the full suite. The cells are all aligned properly now and blank values are being handled correctly. However, null values still display “[object Object]”. This is a big improvement! See screenshot below:

Will this fix be rolled into the stand-alone package for the combo control (


Please disregard my previous message. I’m not sure why I was still seeing the same issue initially, but it seems to be working correctly now.



I apologize for the delay.
The issue is fixed. The solution will be included in the future version of the dhtmlxGrid.
If the problem is critical - pleas,e open ticket at so we can provide with the latest fixed version.