Combo options limit

I’m using various combos in a form and load the options via a php connector.
I need to load around 400+ options in each of these combos, but it seems that the limit is around 250…
Is there a way to raise this limitation? Can you please show me where the array is declared?

Thanks for your help!

Ther is no limits from dhtmlxCombo. But if you have a lot of combos with a big amount of options - your browser can not cope with it. Therefore I recommend to use dynamic loading. … ilter.html

Hi Darya!
First, thanks for the sample! Can you please explain this further?
You still need the connector parameter on the form’s combo type, right?
What’s happenning is that, if the combo is initialized with a word and you alter it, the combo opens and suggests alternative options…
BUT if don’t have a letter/word in the text or you erase it completely, the combo stops responding: any further typing in the text does not bring up other options, even if you press the down arrow of the combo, not even the empty rectangle shows… the combo stops responding to events!! You can type in it, but no options show…
My filtering call is the following:

var z1=myForm.getCombo("combo01"); z1.enableFilteringMode("between","combo_complete.php",true);
Does this suggest anything to you?
Thanks again!

No, it isn’t necessary. (Most likely it doesn’t belong to this problem at all)

Сombo in autocomplite mode shows options in compliance with a mask. If you don’t type - it doesn’t show anything.

The issue can’t be reproduced locally.

Try provide us completed demo (or direct link to your project). … leted_demo

I had an error in my combo_complete.php file…
Now dynamic loading is working fine… and it’s pretty fast too!! :sunglasses:
Thanks again Darya!


Please forgive me… in the enthusiasm, I did not notice that I’m not writing to my database the part-number of my item, but the description contained in the options…
In my connector I had:

$comm = new ComboConnector($conn); $comm->render_sql("SELECT `Id`,`Descrip` FROM `table_comm`","Id","Descrip");
The Id was written in the database, and the “Descrip” were in the combo options…
Is there a way to keep this funtionality w/Dynamic Loading??


Сonnector can be used with dynamic loading and without.

I’m sorry, but after carefully re-debugging my code, I was able to find the problem but I don’t know how to solve it…
I have a form with combos and I load the options form MySql.
Before I attempted to use dynamic filtering, I had a simple connector (see post above). My user inserted the data in the combos and saved it.
The next time I open the form, I load the data from MySql and show my user what was saved. At this point, the user can change the data and save it again… with no problem!
NOW, with dynamic filtering, my options data look like this:


Description2 Description2 [/code]On an empty form, the user is forced to fill in the combos, so the complete.php is called at least once, saving the Id in the database. On the other hand, if I fill the values of the combos directly from MySql, [b]the complete.php does not get called[/b] and if you save the form again, the Description is saved instead of its Id. This makes it impossible to use the data again. Is there a way to solve this? What's the right way to initialize the combos with the saved data? Hope my description of problem is clear enough... Thanks a lot! Marco

Hello Marco,

please take a look at the following post - the similar issue was discussed here:


Thanks a lot Alexandra!!
That was exactly what I needed… now it’s working again!! :smiley: