Combo problem Filtering mode when search Item is duplicated.

I use dhtmlx. pro version
I have a problem when i use combo in filtering mode connected with registry db table . When in table there is a person with the same name ( but are different person - look attach ) combo load always the first item ( i think because it load from Xml the first occurence ) .
There is a way to solve this problem??

Many thanks

It is a standart behavior.
You can use ‘arrow’ buttons to choose the necessary one.

Yes Darya this is normal combobox functionality…
But the problem is in source code …
Value loaded in combobox is unique but person name is possibile to be the same, when this situation is verified , from onChange Event, GetActualValue function return always the first item also if i select the second or another equal item.
Why ??

Below you can see how i load combobox item via php code. value is unique because is the record key .

foreach ( $dbh->query($query) as $row)

  	  print("<option value=\"".$row["KEYANAGR"]."\">");
  	  $var = $row["NOMINATIVO"];
  	  print( htmlspecialchars($var));


Many thanks

I have resolved !! using getSelectedValue instead GetActualValue

Yes, you are right! :slight_smile: