Hi, i have a treegrid that loads the tree column. when the user adds a coro combo column after the tree has loaded it adds the column in fine but then when i try to assign a combo to that coro and put items into the combo it gives me an error saying that .put is not a function

// set the data types combo and add its data

var dataTypeCombo = mygrid.getCombo(1);

for (i=0; i<dataTypeValuesArray.length; i++)




this was working fine when i loaded the columns in when loading the treegrid but produces this error if i try to run it after the tree has been loaded and the user is adding additional coro columns.

i have also checked that all the correct files are included:

Problem confirmed and fixed ( fix will be available as part of next build ) , if you need fix ASAP - please contact directly at and provide your ref. number - I will send you fixed js file.