Combo readonly problems



I have problem with readonly option in combo:

Required result:
I would like to get Combo only to present possible choices on the list but block choose possibility.
I want to block writing and choose from the list but I want to see list in readonly status.

My present solution (not working properly):
When I implement Combo in this way:

var form = [
type: “combo”,
label: “Format”,
name: “format”,
disabled: true,
{text: “AAC”, value: “AAC”},
{text: “AC3”, value: “AC3”, selected: true},
{text: “MP3”, value: “MP3”},
{text: “FLAC”, value: “FLAC”}
newFormCombo = new dhtmlXForm(“combo_container”, form);

I can not write in combo value but I can choose it from list.

Is there any solution for that?



Please, try to add the


to your combo initialization:

type: “combo”,


Thank you for answer.
I tried that, unfortunately then I can not write in combo - and it is ok, but I still can select option from the list.

I want to make readonly on select from the list but open the list and still see options on the list.



There is no such mode in the dhtmlxCombo.
You may try to unselect the option right after it is selected. Something like:

myCombo.attachEvent("onChange", function(value, text){