Combo values in the Grid

        grid = new dhtmlXGridObject('catgrid');
        grid.setHeader("cat_id, image, template, status");
        grid.setColumnIds("cat_id, image, template, status");


How can I populate the both “co” ColTypes at this point with data. Data will be available in any format(Json, Array,Object or key value pair) onload.
I mean, that I can provide a string with the items for the combobox like this:

var valuepairs =[key1:value1,key2:value2,key3:value3]; or in any other format, because its only for example…

Is this possible at all with GPL Version?

Also I can not find a solution in the docs and samples for the radio and checkbox types.
In my radiobutton I have 2 values: 1 and 0 and I want the checked radiobutton to have the value 1.
This data shall be serialized and sent back to server via ajax later.

Unfortunately it’s not available to add a list of options to the co/coro using the script.
But it’s available in XML.

<rows> <head> <column type="co"> Combo column <option value="1"> First </option> <option value="2"> Second </option> <option value="3"> Third </option> </column>
Here you can find a detailed tutorial: … n_from_xml

For adding the list of options in script I may suggest you to use the “combo” exCell, builded on the base of dhtmlxCombo

Radiobutton/checkbox can have two different values:

  1. true - checked
  2. false - unchecked

This feature is not available in the GPL Version.
dhtmlxCombo as a cell editor
also no subgrids and no subrows.
I have some problems because of this. The most tables of my db have relational tables with language definitions. To make names editable (like product names, descriptions etc. pp) it is necessary to have an editable subarea to handle it.
But for a GPL Solution not possible to use the professional version. This is sad.
So it is a problem. Yours is better than the most others on the market, but this degrades the usability enourmously