Combo with checkboxes inside dhtmlxForm

How can i use the checkboxes function of dhtmlxCombo when my combo is part of dhtmlxForm?

Actually i have the following situation:

[code]var placesTypesComboObj = form.getCombo(“placeTypes”);

var placeComboObj = placesTypesComboObj.setAutoSubCombo("../MarkedObjectsServlet?type=loadPlacesCombo", "place");

How can i put checkboxes on placeComboObj ???

Any solution? It is important…

If you use json:

 {type: "combo", label: "Combo", comboType: "checkbox", name: "mycomb", width: 200}

For xml:



10x for the answer but the child combo is not a part of the form when i declare its struction:

The only way i get it is using the function parent_combo.setAutoSubCombo()

Hope this time somebody reads my question and get an answer soon

Guiding the docs: … xtension&s[]=attachChildCombo
This type is applied only at combo creation, and then it can’t be applied.

So u have one more suggestion for dhtmlx 4.0 :slight_smile:


I tried to see how it works (the checkbox type ) and it is very buggy. A lot of imporvement can be made.

An example is where u can enter multiple tags in an input field. The moment u press interval the tag becomes with different style and a close/remove mark is added at the upper right corner.

You can leave your suggestions here: