Hi all… im using a scheduler template for my events

scheduler.templates.event_text = function(start,end,ev){

	return '<b>Descripción:</b> ' + ev.text + '<br>' + '<b>Paciente:</b> ' + ev.paciente  + '<br><b>Consultorio:</b> ' + ev.consultorio + '<br><b>Status:</b> ' + ev.status;

it works fine, but i have a combo for “Paciente” in my lightbox section, and i like to show the label or text instead the id in my template.

the question is how can i get the text of the combo element and show it in the template??

Paciente must be show the name of “Paciente” instead the number 4

thank you

if you use type:“options” control, you can use getLabel method in your template … label.html

If it’s dhtmlxCombo, you’ll have to retreive label of selected value manually

Hi, thanks for your answer.
I use dhtmlxCombo, with the property filtering:true

{ name:"paciente", height:25, type:"combo", filtering:true, map_to:"paciente", script_path: "comboData.php", image_path: "iconos/" },

how can i get label manually??

thank you.

There is no easy wat to get the label in case of combo, especially in dynamic filtering mode ( in such mode combo doesn’t load all options to client side, as we are expecting that there are a lot of them, so it is impossible to convert any arbitrary id to the label )

Now is nothing change? all same?(