ComboBox default minimum entry size: 5 items


i have a combobox filled by a xml request. If the request delivers fewer than 5 entries, combobox fills up with emtpy entries.

Fix available?

Regrads, Stefan


combo has fixed height. If you want to make the height flexible, you may enable autoheight:


You should include dhtmlxcombo_whp.js

Fine, this works.

What if the combo is part of a grid cell (type “coro”)?

How can I change the height to be dynamic and based on the number of entries that my server returns (can vary)?

dhtmlxCombo is implemented in the “combo” type. “coro” is different.

So, if you asked about “combo” column, you may use the enableOptionAutoHeight method too:

grid.loadXML(url,function(){ var combo = grid.getColumnCombo(columnIndex); combo.enableOptionAutoHeight(true); })

You may also set the maximum height for the case when a lot of options are loaded at once: