Combobox displaying multiple rows

Sorry my question earlier was a bit off, what I really meant was this:

Combobox works as a substitute for , combining it with , and it works great with the filtering.

However, what I need is almost like this:







When I enter F in the input field, all beginning with F is displayed, then I write Fa, only the two first shows etc…

In this case, the client wants me to display all options, filtering the display list on what the user inputs. At first I thought Combobox would be a good solution, so I got the pro version for the project, but I can’t really get this to work as the client wants…

Can I do this with Combobox or do I need to write something new?



Actually the functionality which you describe is combobox in filtering mode, please check

Please check … ilter.html

If this is functionality is not the same as required - please mention what is difference ( currently it works same as you described, the select shows only options, which starts from entered text )