Combobox height / items-height using terrace skin


Is it possible to change the height of a Combobox which use the terrace skin?
In this example [url][/url] you only can see 3 options when the combobox popups and using the terrace skin.

In this example [url][/url] you can see 5 items. But the popupwindow has the same height. It also have another dropdown image?

How can I use a ‘stand alone’ combox (without using forms) and a bit smaller height?

Is it possible to overrull the css somehow?


If you mean this (2th link):

it is a form-select.

There is a method setOptionHeight(height) to set the height of option list in pixels. … tionheight

If you want to reduce text and line height - use CSS:

.dhx_combo_list.dhx_terrace_list { line-height: 0.3; }