ComboBox in Grid - getComboText returning empty string


I have a grid and want to populate combos when the user types into them. I am able to return a combobox object, however when I use the the getComboText, it is not showing the text I have typed into the combobox. I have included some code snippet to demo what I am doing. I hope it helps. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

function doInit(){







parentGrid.selectRow(0, false, false, true);

comboVendor = parentGrid.getColumnCombo(4); //commitment vendor



    function checkVendorList(){

        var vendorCombo = parentGrid.cells(parentGrid.getSelectedRowId(),4).getCellCombo();



Thank you in Advance for your help.

BTW: We are loving the product so far!!

To get text which user was types at the combo box better to use “onEditCell” event:
if (stage==2){
if (cellIndex==0){
var combo=mygrid.cells(rowId,cellIndex).getCellCombo()
var text=combo.getComboText();
return true;
return true;

Well, I am hoping to create Auto Suggest functionality. So, as the user types into the field, I would like to populate options from an ajax call. Using OnEditCell doesn’t allow me to check for OnKeyPressed. When I add the OnKeyPressed event to the Combo, I am able to get the combo object for the cell. So, I can see the getComboText() function. However, when I call it it returns blank text.


autocomplete functionality is already implemented for dhtmlxCombo. So, you don’t need to create it: … al&q=10764