Combobox in lightbox


It seems combobox inside Scheduler 5.x’s lightbox “type=‘combo’” isn’t compatible with Suite 7.x.
Is there any workaround or unofficial way to implement it, without having to create a custom lightbox?
The combobox from Suite 7.x is simply great. Suite 6.x also wasn’t compatible with Scheduler 5.x lightbox.
I have the feeling that the Scheduler is being left behind, is it possible?
Type “select” is not an option due to the lack of filtering.
Select2 can’t preselect the option after saving the event preselect

If there was a custom lightbox like in this case however with a filter and preselect, would definitely do the job
Thanks for a reply


Hi @Contente ,

Currently, the scheduler has built-in integration only with the “Suite 5.x”. Integration with 7.x stays in plans but there is no ETA.

You can try to add it as a custom lightbox control(without using a fully custom lightbox):


Hi @Siarhei,
I went for the fully custom lightbox.
Seamed more easy to implement than the custom one
Thanks anyway