ComboBox misplaced when resizing page


i am using the combobox in a existing page, to get a better look&feel:

var z=dhtmlXComboFromSelect(“sap-language”);z.disable(false);z.readonly(true);

So far so good. the layout of the form fields are realized via nested tables. i cannot change anything there,

becaus it is rendered via a framework.

When resizing the screen, the combox does not get its new position: it remains in its old place.

If tried the solutions in this kb combined with , but this doesn’t help.

Best regards, Stefan

Please, provide the sample to recreate the issue. Possibly we can help…

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i’ve attached a picture and a the source (without referenced external js and css)


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combo.txt (12 KB)

the issue was reproduced. Please, try to apply the following style - locally it solved the issue:

position:static !important;

… this solves my problem … thnx, Stefan