combobox on form alert object doesn't support attribute mthd

hi,a combo box on the form.
I initialize the combo with combo.selectOption(0), but when I use IE9, very time it alert the error.

I trace into the code, as below:

Please, make a complete demo (consist only your form) and attach it
Here is an instruction how to create such demo: … leted_demo

Darya, thank you for ur reply.
pls see the attached in which I modified the dhtmlxcombo.js (so I use the modified version named dhtmlxcombo1.js).
The modification in the dhtmlxcombo1.js lies in line 890-892, which follows the instruction at [url]Autocomplete first value auto selected - Combo, Tabbar, Sidebar, Menu, Toolbar, Ribbo - DHTMLX.
Other dhtmlx codes are original. (117 KB)

I think you have an old version of Form. Try to replace the files i’ve attached. (79.6 KB)

Hi, Darya!
Thanks for your suggestion. It turns out that the problem does be in the dhtmlxform.js.
The attached dhtmlxform.js doesn’t solved it. However, another version downloaded elsewhere in the forum months before solved it. The file is (15.5 KB)

Hi, Darya
Another problem arises.
I suddenly recall that the older version of dhtmlxform.js is provided by Alexandra which solves the offset problem.
Is it possible to provide a merged version with above attached, so that it can solve both combo and offset problems.

Please, try to replace all the files i’ve attached
There are new fixed

Now it works very fine, thank you Darya.
Full download address to share with other friends:

You are welcome!