Combobox Styling methods


i’ve been trying to style my combobox and i find it very difficult, i would like to know if it’s possible to add syling to it and how. i’ve tried adding it to the id or with classes but none of them seem to have the desired effect, i can only change it through the combobox_web.css file or adding a style to the div and that’s alright for most if it, but i now want to center it in the middle of my site and have no idea have to do it (i’ve tried all the methods i know but they don’t work at all) could you please tell me how to do it, like providing me an example or something?

i’ve also wanted to add some media query to it, so i can make it responsive but it doesn’t work at all… the only way to add any style at all is using the “style” attribute inside the div, but i could certainly not add any media query to that :/.

i appreciate your help, thanks!


that’s correct, combo is not simple element. it is a complex set of simple html elements, with rich api and functionality, with dyn css changes, with several custom skins. so sometimes its not enough to add style=“color:red;” to change font, it required more actions.

do you have any kind of image with exact skin of combo you need? exact meand 100% ready and good looking, not mockup with rectangles and arrows? and what you mean under responsive? adjust width to parent automaticaly? or else?