Combobox used like jump menu

I have been searching for some time now for a solution to have a combo box having the same behavior like the Dreamweaver Jumpmenu. I get the combo box up and running and it shows the correct information.

However when selecting the an option it does not open the webpage it should have.
The combobox will consist out of countries and when selecting one you will go to a page dedicated to the concerning country.

Below you can see the Javascript part which is causing some headache:

Here the script to build the combobox content.

<?php do { ?>
<?php echo $row_profiles['profileID']; ?> - <?php echo $row_profiles['comname']; ?>
<?php } while ($row_profiles = mysql_fetch_assoc($profiles)); ?>

I prefer not to have additional buttons next to the combo box because it needs to be easy navigation. Is there a way to get this idea working?

Thanks in advance,


here is a demo for you. do not forget to change paths to dhtmlx.js/css in head section
46.ZIP (1.97 KB)