I have a dhtmlxCombo with 3 items with images using IE9

It’s very slow browsing with mouse cursor
for example: My mouse cursor is at the third item. Third item is being blue.
I set the mouse pointer at the first item.
Why the first item doesn’t be blue (selected)? or takes 2 sec in order to be selected?

if browsing with mouse cursor in the white area(not in image/flag or text) there is not any problem.


Can’t reproduce locally. Could you provide us completed demo? … leted_demo

simple project is included (64.8 KB)

Sorry, we have tried to reproduce the problem in your sample and in our standard samples - options are selected in all the samples.

i don’t know whether you have understund my topic.

The browsing with mouse in the items is slow.
for example:
i am browsing into the items with mouse cursor and after about 5 seconds my cursor is at first item
but the last item is continueing to be blue
hope this helps

We understood the issue correctly. We did the same test that you described - everything is ok.
Possibly some browser plugin causes the problem. But we do not have an idea which can affect in such a way.